XCEL Lacrosse Performance Training is Now Gearing Up for a
Great 2018 Season!
Starting February 12th at Hit Quarters in Shrewsbury

Don’t Miss Out On Signing Up, We Are Expecting Full Roster
This Season!
We Are Offering 5 Weeks, 15 Sessions, 22 Hours of Training
All For $295.00 Per Player!!

A great quote from Coach Bobby Knight that applies to our preseason training is
“Everyone has the will to win. Few have the will to prepare.”

If you are making the effort to work hard and participating in our XCEL Lacrosse Performance Training, I assume you are one of the “few” that Knight is referring to.

Getting ready for your upcoming lacrosse season by using our methods (cardio and strength training) not only will make you a stronger, more powerful and a quicker athlete; but arguably even more importantly — it will help prevent injuries. You could be the best player on your team, but if you are sitting on the bench with an injury you will not be making the team better — and isn’t that your ultimate goal? To make the team better?

As you prepare, start by asking yourself: Are you the person, who at the end of the game, has the endurance and stamina to hit the winning shot? Create the caused turnover? Make the stick check? Stop the shot?

…Are you ready to be that person?

After working with numerous high school and collegiate All-American men’s lacrosse players, I have found that all have the below listed two common denominators:

1. These athletes have a serious love of the game!

2. These athletes are willing to outwork everyone!

Do you share the above traits? Are you excited that lacrosse season is almost here? Are you willing to put in the work to get better every day?

 “Will You Be Ready?” 

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You can make a difference.
Help your team reach it’s seasons goals by being ready to PLAY!

Our Mission is to enable every athlete to reach his or her potential using natural, scientifically-based training methods. We are constantly developing new training methods and products to help you improve, along with the tools to measure your progress. Specifically, we are focused on helping you develop the five building blocks of superior athleticism:


Xcel Lacrosse
Xcel Lacrosse

About Tom Baker – Tom is the founder and director of XCEL Lacrosse Performance Training now in it’s 12th year,  providing pre-season training to lacrosse players here in  Central Massachusetts.  READ MORE ABOUT TOM AND HIS STAFF>

Xcel Lacrosse
Xcel Lacrosse


Lacrosse is the fastest sport on two feet. Our philosophy on training lacrosse players is to use strength and power as tools to enhance speed and athleticism. Read More >

Lacrosse Skill Training

Our lacrosse specific programs are designed to instill the required fundamentals, position oriented skills and lacrosse I.Q. to develop to best lacrosse player possible. Read More >


Conditioning for lacrosse involves extensive cardio training!! We offer this program to aide in the basic need for core building, cardio improvements and over all endurance.
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A team's pre-season habits make a difference on the field.

You can make a difference. Make a difference with XCEL

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