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Get Fit With These Off-Season Lacrosse Conditioning Drills

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Breaking Down the Mechanics of Shooting for the Lacrosse Player

A lacrosse father once asked me if I could tutor his son on shooting. I told him that if he wanted to shoot hard, he should grab a bag of balls and shoot until his arms fell off. “He does that,” the father told me. “I just want to make sure that he isn’t reinforcing […]

Want to be READY for the LACROSSE Season? Start Now With XCEL!

Players cannot play themselves into shape. By the time the season rolls around, it’s already too late. In the Pre-Season phase, off-field training should be the most sport-specific of the year. Working on change-of-direction speed with a stick and ball in hand, practicing specific footwork, and doing high-intensity plyometrics should all be part of the right […]

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