Players cannot play themselves into shape. By the time the season rolls around, it’s already too late. In the Pre-Season phase, off-field training should be the most sport-specific of the year. Working on change-of-direction speed with a stick and ball in hand, practicing specific footwork, and doing high-intensity plyometrics should all be part of the right Pre-Season program. The Lacrosse Performance XCEL Training Program will meet each week for 5 weeks and will consist of three

sessions per week. Our program is designed this way to properly train players for the rigors of the up-coming season. Our unique lacrosse training program will help you reach your lacrosse potential and make an impact this spring.

To be quite frank, this PROGRAM is not for everyone. It is for those who want to be the best lacrosse player they can be. It is for those who want to excel, the players that want to be Elite. If you want to keep sitting on the bench or if you enjoy getting beat by a team using our system then stay away. Only 70 athletes will be accepted into the program.


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