1.      FITNESS + TRAINING – preparing body, mind + spirit
2.      GRADES –  exercising your mind
3.      RELATIONSHIPS – building your team


There are 4 components of your game that ONLY YOU can develop. We will hold you accountable to each of these:

1 – SKILL: Practice so that this is not an obstacle to us teaching you the big part of the game.

2 – FITNESS: Preparing your body so that you can make adjustments + endure vigorous workouts.

3 – ATTITUDE: Making sure you are here for the right reasons; that you play from the inside-out.

4 – COMMUNICATiON: Expressing yourself – on the field + off.


Your academic progress is your number one job. Planning and scheduling your workload for the successful completion of homework and study is a key part of developing the life skills and knowledge you will need to be successful on and off the field. Poor planning on your part does not give you an excuse to hurt your teammates by missing practice or other commitments. Your commitment to your teammates, coaches, school, and parents must all be carefully planned, balanced, and communicated to everyone.


In the spirit of finding out who you are so you can determine what you want, we encourage you to begin building your “TEAM” or network of people that will help you through this process and your life ongoing. Who are the people in your life that have your genuine interest at heart? Your parents, your teachers, coaches + any other mentors start this list. And, as you grow up and your world gets bigger + bigger, you will carefully add trusted + interested people to your “TEAM”. Each of our coaches at XCEL is excited to help mentor you in this process.


At the JV levels, you are motivated by improving your game, not by winning. At the Varsity level, the expectation is that you will be at the top of your game and your goals become a combination of improving your game as well as working together as a team to ensure the best result you are capable of at that time. Exposure to higher competition in our pre-season training serves a purpose of getting you better/faster, and we as coaches will attempt to focus on life lessons connected with challenging your boundaries and pushing yourself past your self-imposed limitations.

You improve because of you, not because your teammates are good. As an individual, your job is to improve YOU. As a teammate, your job is to get better for the good of your team and MAKE YOUR TEAMMATES LOOK GOOD. With XCEL Lacrosse Training we are dedicated to making you the best player you can be!

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