XCEL Lacrosse Performance Training was founded on one fundamental concept:

“To enhance the overall skill level of the individual lacrosse player”

XCEL Lacrosse Training was founded to provide the best lacrosse training to high school lacrosse players who reside in Central Massachusetts. For the committed lacrosse player we believe that individual skills are learned and perfected in the fall and winter.
Our philosophy is simple…provide players with the best professional coaching within a small group environment. We firmly believe that the attention players receive in smaller groups is immeasurable in terms of individual skill development.  More personalized attention WILL lead to greater results.  XCEL Lacrosse Training provides the utmost in professional instruction for each of our students. Our staff include some of the best minds in lacrosse in our area. Our coaching staff consists of college coaches, High School Coaches, former and current college players. These coaches will help each student become a better lacrosse player.

In the off-season, many dedicated young lacrosse players participate in indoor leagues. These games alone will not enhance a player’s overall skill level as touches and instruction are limited.  Weekly games must be augmented with specialized clinics to not only work on the basic fundamentals but to also understand the on-field aspects of the game and the “Intangibles” which all top level players understand. It is important to understand how to play the game “WITH” and “WITHOUT” the ball.  It is imperative to keep clinic participation to a small number of players.

This ensures adequate touches and one on one instruction from our staff of professional coaches.


As an athlete, your job is to work hard.

XCEL’S job is to provide the path to your potential.

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