This is a five-week, sport specific program designed for lacrosse players by strength and conditioning coach Tom Baker.

The aim of this program is to increase the athlete’s strength and power. These physical properties are vital for lacrosse players as they allow for more force to be placed into floor, which in turn will aid performance in a number ways:

Improved Agility
Greater Acceleration
Increased Power in Shots

Lacrosse is a game of strength and power. Although the sport is not specifically upper or lower body dominant in terms of strength, each athlete needs to develop overall athletic strength. Increases in strength will improve shooting power and speed, the ability to pass hard and long, toughness on and off the ball, and overall power.

When it comes to lacrosse, we can definitely help you with your stick work and lacrosse strategy. But we can also give you a preseason workout that will separate you from the rest. Because if you can’t get up and down the field throughout a whole game, your fancy stick work is meaningless.

The warm up for each session during the five-week program consists of a hip, glute and upper body conditioning plate warm up. This warm up increases dynamic flexibility and over time will condition the soft tissues around the hip and shoulder girdle, which will help combat injury. It will also preps the neural system for the movements in the following session.

For most high schools, lacrosse season starts in late March. That means that the preseason starts in late February at the latest, with scrimmages beginning in mid-March. Will you be ready?

As an athlete, your job is to work hard.

XCEL’S job is to provide the path to your potential.

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