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5 Mistakes Lacrosse Player Make Pre-Season

            Not playing multiple sports. Playing multiple sports in high school has some huge advantages. Lets first think back to how athletes of older generations trained for their respective season. The answer is most didn’t, in the past athletes played 3 or sometimes 4 sports. It was a natural periodization […]

How To Be a Better Attackmen

Five mental tips and one technical tip for the quarterback of the offense. Number One Rule for Attackmen…Don’t Turn the Ball Over Basic turnovers by an offensive player can be any of the following: Stick side high shot
 Stripped by a defender
 Air mailing a pass
 Jamming a ball to the crease to a teammate […]

How To Become A Dominant Lacrosse Defenseman

This was a question that was posed to me by a parent whose son plays longpole. The kid is an even 6 foot and weighs in at a buck forty-five, yet he’s got crazy potential and everyone knows it. As I prepared to answer the question, I could not help but start thinking about what it […]

How to Become a Great Midfielder

1) Focus On Your Legs The Reason:  Great midfielders have to be able to run hard, run fast, and do it all day. Knowing where to be, or what to do, means nothing if your legs can’t get you there. The Answer: Run. When you watch a game from start to finish, you probably think to […]


“The role of preseason conditioning in preventing athletic injuries”. 5 GOALS OF PRE-SEASON TRAINING WITH XCEL Pre-season is here for all Lacrosse Players from beginners to Experienced! Here are five goals that we have established for the pre-season training for Lacrosse. #1 – Assess Fitness and Performance My first and foremost job as an XCEL Lacrosse Performance […]

Pre-Season Prep Work For High Lacrosse Players

Here is a preseason workout that will separate you from the rest. Because if you can’t get up and down the field throughout a whole game, your fancy stick work is meaningless. For most high schools, lacrosse season starts in late March, early April. That means that the preseason starts in late February at the […]

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