Want to be READY for the LACROSSE Season? Start NOW
With XCEL!
5 Weeks, 15 Sessions and 22 Hours of Lacrosse Training
All For $295.00


Improve Sprinting Biomechanics and Increase Stride Length/Frequency

Be faster in the open field, Blow by defenders, Be a more dangerous player

Increase Explosive Power

Get to more ground balls, Beat more defenders, Have a quicker first step, Make quicker cuts, Change direction quicker

Increase Maximum Sprint Speed

Lead the fast breaks, Get more breakaways, Be the fastest player on your team

Increase Maximum Anaerobic Tolerance

Be ready for the next big play, Feel as strong in the 4th quarter as you do in the 1st, Dominate your opponent at the end of the game

Enhance Body Posture & Positioning

Better ability to dodge defenders and stay with attack

Improve Balance

Better at taking hits

Improve Overall Strength

Reduce the risk of joint and tendon injuries

We will help you focus on the important aspects of your game and achieve your personal and performance goals.




Set Your Fitness Goals.

We’ll Help You Achieve Them.


Lacrosse is the fastest sport on two feet. Our philosophy on training lacrosse players is to use strength and power as tools to enhance speed and athleticism. Read More >

Lacrosse Skill Training

Our lacrosse specific programs are designed to instill the required fundamentals, position oriented skills and lacrosse I.Q. to develop to best lacrosse player possible. Read More >


Conditioning for lacrosse involves extensive cardio training!! We offer this program to aide in the basic need for core building, cardio improvements and over all endurance.
Read More >
A team's pre-season habits make a difference on the field.

You can make a difference. Make a difference with XCEL

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